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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is My Pension?

    My Pension allows secure online access to view your pension record(s) held by West Yorkshire Pension Fund.

    If you are in receipt of a pension that is paid by West Yorkshire Pension Fund, you will be able to view and print your payslips and P60s.

    If you are a current active or deferred member, you will be able to view your basic membership information, service details, and any AVCs. You will also be able to see your annual benefit statements.

    There is a series of online forms, which you can complete to request changes to your address, contact details, name, marital status and account details (pensioners only).

    My Pension Registration

    Who can register to access My Pension?

    My Pension is only available for Active, Deferred and Pensioner members of schemes administered by West Yorkshire Pension Fund and Lincolnshire Pension Fund.

    What do I need to be able to register for access to My Pension?

    You will need a unique personal email address and internet access.

    Can my partner register using the same email address?

    We request that email addresses are unique. You won't be prevented from registering however; you will not be able to use the forgotten password facility as this is a security feature.

    I have more than 1 membership / pension record, do I need a login account for each record?

    If all your records are for the same scheme then No, you only need to register once and you will be able to see all the records we hold for you in that scheme through the one account. However, if you have been a member of more than one scheme for example Local Government Pension Scheme AND Firefighters Pension Scheme then you will need separate login accounts for each scheme that you have been a member of.

    I cannot read the ReCaptcha image

    If you are having difficulty reading the ReCaptcha image; it is possible to refresh the characters being displayed. To use the refresh option - press the small circular arrow on the ReCaptcha box - it will then present you with different characters, which may be easier to read.

    I have submitted my registration request, what happens now?

    We will send you your My Pension Login Name by email, keep this email safe for future use. We will then send you an activation code through the post so you can complete your registration. The activation letter will usually be posted to your home address within 5 working days of registration.

    Having Problems?

    Access Denied - Why have I not been allowed access to My Pension?

    Only Active, Pension and Deferred members of schemes currently administered by either West Yorkshire Pension Fund or Lincolnshire Pension Fund can access My Pension. If you have transferred out of the scheme or had a refund we have no liability.

    I was trying to register and something went wrong, now what?

    If you have successfully registered, you should receive an e-mail confirming your My Pension Login Name. If this did not happen, please try again. If you are still having difficulty, call us on 01274 434999.

    The password does not fit the criteria is being displayed during registration.

    Your password must be at least 8 characters long and must contain at least 3 different characteristics from: Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers and Punctuation.

    When trying to access My Pension I am getting a system error / page cannot be found error

    The My Pension system does occasionally have downtime so, if you are experiencing difficulties, it is recommended that you retry an hour later, when the system will have been reset.

    This page cannot be displayed

    Using the back and forward arrow browser buttons can cause this error message to be displayed. Instead you should use the buttons built into the page itself. If you are experiencing this problem, completely close your browser window and start again.

    Activation Codes

    I have received my activation code letter what do I do now?

    When you receive your activation code letter through the post, you can continue to stage 2 of registration. Go to https: Enter your login name (this was emailed to you when you registered) and Enter the password you chose when you registered. Go to Account Upgrade and enter the activation code when prompted.

    If you have only just registered (completed stage 1), you need to wait for an activation letter so you can complete stage 2 before you can access My Pension

    I have not received my activation code yet

    Your registration entries must exactly match the membership details we already hold for you. As a data security measure we insist on a 100% match on your details to enable an automatic activation code to be issued. Anything less than 100% will require a member of our team to intervene which will delay the sending of your activation code. If it has been more than 10 days since you registered and you require a copy of your activation letter, please call us on 01274 434999.

    My activation code is not working

    You need to type it very carefully making sure there are no trailing white spaces. The letter O is not used in any activation codes so any 0s are numeric zero. If you get an error during activation please wait 15 minutes before trying again, do not click on anything else in that 15 minutes.

    Login In

    What is my Login Name?

    Your Login Name was emailed to you when you first registered to use My Pension. If you did not receive this email or you have forgotten your user name, please contact us on 01274 434999.

    I have forgotten my password, what do I do?

    Please use the password reset option on the Login Page. You will be prompted for your Login Name and your email address. A new password will be emailed to you. You need to login and then change your password to something you will remember. Please note this will only work if you have used a unique email address. If you have used an email address which someone else in your household uses as well then please get in touch us.

    I think I have locked my account

    You are allowed 3 attempts to login before your account will be locked. Your account will be automatically unlocked in 30 minutes so you can try again.

    I tried to change my password but I got an error Unable to locate a single contact for the email address.

    This is because the email address you have used to register is not unique. Another member has registered with the same email address. The password reset facility will not work for you so you need to contact us on 01274 434999 and ask us to reset your password for you.

    Login Out

    Will the system automatically log me out?

    Your session will time out if left unattended for more than 60 minutes. To sign out correctly click on the log out option on the top menu bar and wait for the message, You have successfully logged off, before closing your browser.


    Where can I keep up to date with pension news?

    Visit our website

    Who has access to my data?

    Through My Pension only you can access your data by logging in. It is very important that you keep your login details safe and secure. If you think someone has got hold of your login details please change your password immediately and notify us on 01274 434999.

    How long will my 'My Pension' account remain active for?

    Providing you access your account at least once a year your account will remain active. If you do not login to your account for over 18 months your login will be disabled and you will have to go through the registration process again if this happens.

    How often is new information published on My Pension?

    My Pension is updated whenever a change is made to your pension administration record. For example, when payroll runs, when benefit statements are produced, if you request a change of bank, address or contact details. Your My Pension record will be updated as soon as we have dealt with the request you submitted.

    What do the green ticks and crosses mean on my record?

    The ticks indicate that the data shown has been checked and verified as correct to the best of our knowledge. If you see a green cross it means that the data has been input but needs to be checked.